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Save America

The occupation of America by a Demon Socialist Cabal has stoked the fires of radical transformation and the suffocation of freedom

Listen up > U.S. Borders are ripped open, millions illegal aliens are flooding in! Massive election fraud deployed to install the leftist agenda at any cost. Outrageous! Biden/China Connection stinks to high-heaven. Defunding Police while our cities are burned out shells of lost dreams. The Demon Plan is to bring America to her knees, so she can be broken and scraped. You’re seeing it with your own eyes!

Good News – a few strong Patriots are standing in the way of the Demon Horde

Look, let me be blunt. Are you willing to support the Underground Patriot Resistance which is fighting the Demons of darkness and restoring America to all her glory? If so, you will be part of saving America….what could be better?

How can you help? Do everything you can to start Home Patriot Meeting, run for a local office and support the growing Underground Patriot Resistance and more!

Lets face it, we don’t have some Fat-Cat billionaire funding the Underground Patriot Resistance or glutting at the government trough. We the People are on our own and we need your help now more than ever! 

Please Help The Underground Patriot Resistance And Give Your Best Donation Now

Be the solution. Step up to be counted. If not now, when? If not saving America, then what? If not you, then we have no one else.

Thank you and may God Bless America

p.s. someday our children will thank you for saving America for them

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